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On-Set Facilities develop and test virtual production systems with Ncam MKII and the OSF Godbox™ Truck

Broadcast Industry News: On-Set Facilities test camera tracking technology on location with the Godbox™ Truck



On-Set Facilities location virtual production

How far can Ncam MKII see – outside

This week, On-Set Facilities introduce you to a new series on our website called the OSF Field Test Diaries where we take you with us as we develop and test our virtual production systems. Today we took an Ncam MKII out and plugged it into our GODBOX Truck, to see how the camera tracking technology performed on location.

The OSF Godbox™ Truck, is kitted out for location VP.

On-Set Facilities

DAY 1: Nothing to stressful for starters, power up and ready to go with GODGOX™ onboard, first off we just wanted to just see how the Ncam see’s these vast landscapes and how it would interpret it’s surrounding.

Take a look at the blog video below to see how far the Ncam can actually see. Shooting in 2500 km of the Snowdonia National Park in Northwest Wales, the OSF team is led by Director of Virtual Production Asa Bailey.

Photo: On-Set Facilities

More about On-Set Facilities GODBOX™ Pro

Trusted on sets worldwide, the GODBOX™ Pro combines AMD Threadripper processing with synchronised real-time rendering with NVIDIA GPU. The world’s most reliable power-edge computing platform for low-latency, synchronised, real-time virtual production.

On-Set Facilities GODBOX Pro

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